Pediatric advisor search wwwcpn index relatedâ topics teeth grinding (bruxism) what is teeth grinding? Teeth grinding, or bruxism, happens when a child clenches his teeth and grinds them together. viagra and vision loss How does it occur? The cause of teeth grinding is not known. It may be because the child's top and bottom teeth do not fit together comfortably. The child may grind his teeth to make the teeth feel better. cost of viagra without insurance Later this may become a habit. female viagra sildenafil uk Children may grind their teeth because they feel tense, fearful, or angry. Bruxism may be related to moving the muscles used in chewing. This may help to keep the airway moist. female viagra sildenafil uk Teeth grinding is most common in children around the ages of 5 and 6, however it can occur at any age. Viagra y vision It decreases in the teen years and is not common in adults. free viagra samples online What are the symptoms? The symptoms of bruxism may include: teeth grinding or clenching, which may be loud enough for others to hear worn teeth increased teeth sensitivity jaw pain, earache, or tightness in jaw muscles headache. cheap viagra online Almost all children who grind their teeth do it only at night. cheap viagra High levels of stress are more common in children who grind their teeth during the daytime. Safest place to buy viagra online Will my child's teeth be harmed? Usually the wear to teeth from grinding does not hurt the teeth. The baby teeth (also called primary teeth) can show a lot of wear to their surfaces without causing pain or other problems. buy cheap viagra If the teeth get very worn down, dental problems, such as teeth infections, can occur. Keep appointments for routine checkups. generic viagra online See your dentist if your child has pain. What can i do to help my child? If you or your child's healthcare provider sees wear on the teeth surface, it is important to see a dentist who specializes in children. Dentists can polish the teeth to make them fit together more comfortably or make a special mouth guard that is usually worn at night to keep your child from wearing away the teeth. It may be a good idea to help a child talk about what has caused tension, fear, or anger. viagra for sale Do this in the course of the bedtime routine. viagra reviews 2012 For example, when your child is telling you about his day, ask how those events made him feel. While this may not help with the child’s teeth grinding, it lets him know that you care about how he feels. It is probably best not to draw attention to the grinding itself. What is viagra lilly Most children will stop teeth grinding on their own without the need for special treatments. Talk to your child's dentist at your child's next regular appointment. Written by robert brayden, md, professor of pediatrics, university of colorado school of medicine. cheap viagra Pediatric advisor 2012. viagra without a doctor prescription 2 published by relayhealth. canada viagra online without prescription Last modified: 2009-12-10last reviewed: 2009-10-26 this content is reviewed periodically and is subjec. cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra viagra picture of pill